Miramonte – Bad Gastein (Austria)

11. November 2020

As a result of trying to be „stategic“ and cut the journey in half going from Cologne to Umbria I thought it would be ideal to have a stopover in the Austrian „Bad Gastein“.

Well, after all on the „strategic“ side of things it didnt realy make any sence because it upped my journey by somewhat 6 hours…but hey: being „strategic“ is boring anyways! And as I arrived at the picturesque super-long streched valley of Bad Gastein it could have as well been on the other side of the globe.

The Miramonte sits on the side of the very end of this valley, overlooking the centre of Bad Gastein, a place that used to be vouge and luxurious back in the days and has kept its charme although the „Grand Hotels“ are more or less abandond these days, which makes this place quite mystic in a way.
This Boutique Style Hotel is aimed at younger people and has a georgeous style mix of old and new which in this case works so, so well.

The rooms are cosy and elegant, and the view is plainly stunning. Theres so many architectial details to discover in this place and after a day of hiking in the nearby mountains theres a beautiful sauna where you can relax your body and Soul and enjoy even more views. There are also vegetarian and even plenty vegan choices at the Restaurant plus a decent Wine Selection.