Restaurant Nomad – Marrakech (Morocco)

14. December 2015

Nomad has been recommended by Michael from Dar Charkia. I’ve been curious what it is about and on their website they write the following: “Chefs in Residence invite chefs from all over the world to visit Morocco as part of a cross-culinary exchange. Their remit is to work closely with local cooks and producers, use only ingredients sourced from local farms or medina souks, and to re-imagine them as modern Moroccan cuisine.” To make it short: they interpret the classic maroccan cuisine with loads of interesting spices and flavors. When I took a look at the menu I’ve been amazed: 16 of 26 dishes are vegetarian, 11 of them even vegan! Thats an awesome amount of dishes. And even better: all of them seemed to be delicious. I couldn’t wait to try it and I went on my very last day for lunch. As I wanted to try as much dishes as possible I decided to have several starters like Tapas. I’ve been able to try the following: A revised version of the traditional soup of Morocco Harira / A vegetarian version of the classic Moroccan thin pastry pigeon pie: filled with spiced market vegetables, goat’s cheese and caramelized tomato confit / Courgette and feta fritters and as a desert I had the unbelievable Date tartlet with caramel and cream. I’ve been told that visiting Nomad without trying the date tartlet is like coming to Paris and don’t visit the Eiffel tower. That seems like a profound allegory. I really liked everything I had at Nomad. And I think that prices are very reasonable and fair for the quality you get here. The amazing view over the spice market, Medina and Souks even is for free. If it wouldn’t have been my last day nobody could have stopped me from coming back in the evening and enjoy the food and view at night. Highly recommended!

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We had lunch there a few months ago and we really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to go back …. So yummy and healthy !

I’m glad you liked it, too! To be honest: after a week of vegetable Tajine I’ve been so released to be able to try more than that as they interpreted so many of the traditional meat dishes in a vegetarian way. Great concept and I still dream of the date tartlet..