Fasting at Bollants – Bad Sobernheim (Germany)

24. March 2016

This year I decided to fast for the first time ever. I’ve been inspired by the great experiences of friends and a certain documentation, which states the enormous health benefits of fasting. The final decision to give it a try has been made on a morning after a rather long night out without any preparation at all. First thing I did was buying a guidebook. One thing I read sounded very reasonable: if possible, take a time out while fasting. No sooner said than done! I did some research and found BollAnts which seemed perfect as you can find accompanied fasting, a large wellness area and it is surrounded by beautiful nature. So after fasting for already three days on my own I arrived at BollAnts and have been warmly welcomed by Johanna Bolland, a family member of the owners. She showed me around the outstanding facilities and I couldn’t believe my luck when I entered my room. It was located in the new wing called “Halenberg” and the decor and facilities have been out of this world. Wooden floors, Hästens bed, private balcony and more coffee table books than one could count. During my stay of four days I’ve tried several wellness treatments like a healing earth steam bath, massages and all of the five saunas. There has been an enormous daily schedule of sports like gymnastics, yoga, walking and also lectures on different health topics. During the time I’ve spent at BollAnts there have been around 10 to 15 people fasting and for the “meals” which consisted of vegetable essences and fresh juices you can decide if you’d rather sit wih the others or on your own. But believe me: it is very nice to be able to talk about your experiences during that time. It has been so nice to be able to just concentrate on your own well-beeing while everything was taken care of. Every detail of my stay at BollAnts has been nothing but perfect and not just because of the extremely warm welcoming I felt like home. I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my first fasting experience and I hope that this is going to be an annual routine from now on.

BollAnt’s im Park , Felkestraße 100
D- 55566 Bad Sobernheim

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