Kasbah Bab Ourika – Marrakech (Morocco)

29. November 2015

The Kasbah Bab Ourika has been mentioned in several travel magazines and is especially known for its view and beautiful décor. When I arrived a mint tea has been served in the beautiful garden and after that the manager showed me around the amazingly beautiful grounds. Every corner, every room I visited was just perfect. You can really tell that they paid a lot of attention to every detail and you can’t walk 5 meters without stumbling upon a hidden spot where you can sit down, enjoy the view or one of the two pools, play boule, table tennis and so on. Theres wifi as well but I’d rather recommend you to unplug for the duration of your stay and just enjoy the beauty and silence around you. The bed has also been a dream. Matresses are orthopedic and I rarely slept any better while travelling. My room also had a private terrace and even a bathtub with a view over the mountains. Damn, that was nice. They have a daily changing menue at the restaurant with three courses for lunch and dinner and one of the courses always has been vegetarian. They put a lot of effort in cooking and often use vegetables and herbs they grew in their own garden. Breakfast is included and also served in the restaurant or at the terrace and includes fruit salad, selection of bread, joghurt, marmalade, coffee/tea and eggs at your choice. When I asked for it they even replaced the offered eggs with some vegetables.

I talked to the owner of this magnificent place Stephen Skinner and I learned that it took him 5 years to build the Kasbah from skratch. Not only did he manage to create a stunningly beautiful place, the Kasbah is also one of the most eco-friendly buildings in Marocco. They have solar panels, water is beeing recycled, adobe provides natural isolation, they are one of the biggest employees in the valley and you can really tell that they put much effort into initiatives and inventions which intents to improve the life of the people of the valley and the surrounding nature.

If you are not convinced by now, may I mention that they have donkeys. Two donkeys. In the garden, where you can always visit them!

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