Restaurant Latitude31 – Marrakech (Morocco)

29. November 2015

Latidude 31 has been around the corner of Dar Charkia and I went there by recommendation. The setting is very beautiful in an old patio with a fountain and heating during winter. amuse bouche has been a nice selection of cream cheese toast, a melon-banana soup and sea bass (which I didn’t try obviously). As a starter I ordered an interesting assortment of gazpachos which included a classic tomato-pesto combination, one with cucumber and almonds and a third one with carrot and orange complimented by a cream cheese and pumpkin-eggplant toast. Delicious! Regarding the main dishes there was just one vegetarian choice: the obligatory vegetable couscous. When I ordered it, I was offered a vegetable tajine though which I gladly took. The tajine was nice but like the rest of tajines I’ve tried not very rich in spices which I hoped would be different as all the other courses have been so interesting and nicely combined. As a desert I was able to try the assortment of panna cotta and kaab el ghzal almond paste. There were two versions of panna cotta: one with a berry and one with a mango topping. The almond paste came in four variations: pistachio, fig, orange and blood orange. Each of them very nice and interesting. All in all, I really liked the combination of different tastes which were often surprising. If only the vegetarian choice would be a bit more extraordinary to match the oher dishes that would have been even better. Still, I liked the whole experience and would definitely recommend to go there.

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