Riad Kheirredine – Marrakech (Morocco)

14. December 2015

When I arrived at Riad Kheirredine I’ve been a bit sad as this was going to be my last night at Marrakech. I couldn’t have chosen the place for the last night more wisely. It is a bit of a hustle to get there as its nestled in some small streets of the Medina but they make sure to catch you where the Taxi driver drops you. They even give you a small cellphone you can carry around if you need anything while you walk around or if you want someone to catch you and show you the way. I rarely felt more pampered at a Hotel than I felt at this Riad. When I arrived, mint tea and dates have been served and I got to know a bit more about the history of the Riad. It used to be two of them and during renovation process they have been merged together. It is run by italians and when I heard, that they also serve authentic italian food I’ve been so excited (they also serve maroccan food though). After one week of vegetable Tajine I’ve been craving for some pasta. So I asked for a surprise vegetarian meal and they served me bruschetta, an amazing pasta with tomatoes and almonds and chocolate cake for desert. Do I even have to mention the fantastic amount of garlic? This whole meal just made me really happy. And beside the desert it even has been vegan. Everybody has been so friendly. Every time I came down to ask for something they told me that I should just call, I wasn’t allowed to carry my luggage at all so that my only task has been to be as lazy as possible. But the best thing happened the next morning. I came down to order breakfast (which is included in the room) and asked for tomatoes and salt instead of marmelade, honey, Nutella and all the other stuff people seem to like for breakfast. Then I’ve been asked if it wouldn’t be a good idea to have olive oil with the tomatoes. I nodded. Then she got excited and said that it would be even better if there comes REAL italian cheese with the tomatoes and olive oil. I nodded again and secretly wiped away a tear of joy. This fantastic breakfast has been served at the rooftop, overviewing the Medina of Marrakech. Do you believe that this has been the most perfect breakfast ever? Believe it or not but it was. Riad Kheirredine is located in the middle of the Medina, every room is so beautiful (as you can see on the website), the Rooftop is simply amazing and the staff is as lovely as it gets. I highly recommend this place.

All in all the time at Riad Kheirredine felt like an reunion with the italian family I never had. I loved every minute of it!

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