Chiesa Del Carmine – Umbria (Italy)

11. November 2020

Imagine your dream wedding. Wouldn’t the location be a somewhat magical antique estate, nestled in an Umbrian vineyard? Renovated and furnished by an architect slash artist? Where the catering is prepared just a stone’s throw away in a kitchen which equipment would turn every Michelin Star restaurant green with envy? A location where you could dance and party all night without disturbing a soul. With a pool to go skinny dipping at midnight and enough room to host your family and best
friends? Well, then you should really consider taking a closer look at Chiesa del Carmine which will guarantee not less than that. Since spending some time at that dreamlike resort I keep imagining how my Italian dream wedding would look like. I’ll keep you updated, if a horse carriage would fit through the gates.

UPDATE: it sure would!