Monticelli – Umbria (Italy)

11. November 2020

You literaly drive trough a golf course to get here. when you enter the gate and you see the property you will be blown away, thats a promise! My first thought was that this place must be a private italian hideaway for some celebrity like Drake…or Nicolas Cage..

This estate Monticelli is HUGE with lots of little cosy places to hang out, inside or ouside in the garden. it seems like you could acdcomadate a whole football team here. Or in Drakes case an icehockey team. Or whatever Team Nicolas Cage might be into.

Hearing literaly nothing but your own feed splashing the infinity pools water for a few days was the best! Birds came here every morning to literaly nose dive into the pool and start the day fresh. to observe that was somewhat magic and plainly wonderful.

The kitchen had everything you could think of, the massive Italian gas stove was amazing. lots of bathrooms and bedrooms, all spacey and eqipped with comfy beds. A massive living room with entertainment and a bunch of dvds to choose from in case of a rainy day.

I enjoyed every secoond!