Elysium – Galle (Sri Lanka)

20. February 2019

Elysium has been the last hotel on our round trip through Sri Lanka. Therefore, we were searching for something really cozy and remote. When we found Elysium in Talpe near Galle we instantly knew that this was the place. A rather small and luxury boutique hotel with just a few villas, stunning pool area, close to the beach and a great restaurant. The garden villa has this sophisticated english bungalow feel to it. Large windows, tasteful decoration, indoor and outdoor shower (which is actually rather a small garden on its own) and probably the most comfortable bed of the whole trip. On the first evening we have been so lucky to be invited to a private dinner the owner Vinan organized for some friends of him. At the terrace right by the sea he set up a cocktail bar, a beautifully decorated table and a lounge area. The food buffet which followed the cocktails was just perfect. The quality of the restaurant in general has been so good and we enjoyed the best breakfast of our trip there. I almost lost it when they served authentic pain au chocolat the other morning! Also, you can choose between european breakfast classics and a singhalese breakfast with hoppers (mus try!), curry, dhal, spicy coconut etc. For me, that has been pure heaven. You’ll find plenty vegetarian and even vegan options on the menue and it was never a problem at all to exchange ingredients like eggs etc to make dishes vegetarian or vegan which was super convenient. Besides that, the lovely staff will go out of their ways to make sure that your every need is met. For us, that has just been to lay by the pool, read some books, go for a swim and have some nice food and drinks in between. The whole surrounding is just so beautiful that we didn’t even want to leave the premises. Even when it started raining one day we just crawled to the bed and watched the rain in “our” garden through the panoramic doors. Vinan and Christina gave us the tips for surrounding restaurants, bars and beaches and made our stay even more memorable. Thank you so much for the great time we had at Elysium!

Elysium Hotel

776/2 Galle-Matara Coastal Road, Galle

Talpe 80300, Sri Lanka