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24. November 2015

As I shot a wedding this year at the amazing Tegernsee in the South of germany I couldn’t resist but stayed three days in total in order to have a chance to take a look around. Although I never was the biggest fan of South Germany I have to say that I loved every minute there. Everything was just so peaceful, weather has been nothing but perfect and I took walks around the lake all day until I could barely feel my feed at the end of the day. Here’s a selection of venues I visited during my stay:

  • Gut Kaltenbrunn: I was told that this was the place to be this summer. Gut Kaltenbrunn is a newly opened Biergarten and you can get the finest food here. There are two areas. One in which you can order food a la carte and one where you can bring your own or buy some classic and basic meals food from a counter. As always, I went for the Käsespätzle and felt like heaven sitting on the beautiful terrace with a view over the lake.
  • Bräustüberl Tegernsee: This is one of the All-Time Classic Biergarten. When I went there, it was packed but as I went by myself I found a table to sneak in and got my food really quick. Nice place to just sit, have a beer and enjoy the scenery

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