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9. April 2015

Damn, how much I love Cuzco! The so called “hub of the world” used to be the capital of the Inca Empire and bursts of old buildings and cathederals as well as fantastic restaurants and bars. Especially the range and quality of vegetarian and vegan restaurants surprised us. In fact, we’ve been to the best vegan restaurant I’ve ever been to but thats going to be another post. Besides that Cusco is a perfect starting point to get used to the height and plan your visit to Machu Picchu. We’ve been lucky to be there during semana santa so that we’ve been able to participate in an easter procession which was all about Jesus and suffering and 1 Million people squeezing in one particular street which was some sort of suffering as well. The only thing we weren’t sad to leave behind was the height which didn’t affect us too much but just made everything a bit more exhausting and of course caused a more chilled weather..

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